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In today's episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST, Jason Drury joins Erik Woods to present part two of their look at Varese Sarabande Records' latest three batches of CD club releases.

Varese Sarabande CD Club began in the late '80s which was a mail-order CD club of great film scores not otherwise available on compact disc. It wasn't until 1989 did we get to see the first release. In the first batch of releases, which came out between 1989 and 1992, we got to finally hear on CD for the first time such scores as CHERRY 2000, FEDORA, VIBES, RED SONJA, RAGGEDY MAN, STAR N BARS, THE BURBS, WE'RE NO ANGELS, JAGGED EDGE and others for the first time on CD.

In part two, you'll hear selections from DANTE'S PEAK by John Frizzell with themes by James Newton Howard, PAYCHECK by John Powell and LIONHEART by Jerry Goldsmith. You'll also hear a surprise suite at the end of the program from one of the earliest releases in the Varese Sarabande CD Club back in the late 80s.

On the program, I recommended that you all listen to the LIONHEART episode of THE GOLDSMITH ODYSSEY. It's one of their very best episodes where they do a deep dive into all of the missing music and the numerous themes Goldsmith composed for the film. Check it out HERE!

Also, head over to to purchase a copy of any of the albums you hear on the program today!


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