City Limits - Belated Housing Week


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This week on City Limits, Meg and Kevin invite Cathryn Murdoch and Jack Verdins (Friends of Public Housing Vic) to join us with updates about all things public housing from their perspectives, including the effects of lockdown and poor dissemination of vaccine info for tenants, how public housing has changed over the years, and government money going to private sector housing.Later in the show, we talk to Fiona York from Housing for the Aged Action Group for a chat about the Social housing Regulation Review, an update on HAAG's work, (and another update on the campaign against logging wet forests in East Gippsland), and more. If you are over 50 years of age and would like some independent advice, information, or practical housing support, call HAAG toll-free on 1300 765 178, or go to

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