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Practical Wisdoms is now Claim Your Career Crown. Petite2Queen’s Claim Your Career Crown provides you with proven strategies and tools to show up as your very best self in life and in your career. We focus on catapulting you to a new level with an injection of energy, originality, and creativity. Your host, Lynn Whitbeck, is an author, business consultant, speaker, and the founder of Petite2Queen. In every episode she shares her experience and skills cultivated over many years of corporate life. Lynn is joined by co-hosts Amanda Whitbeck and Patrick Carter, along with featuring a dynamic mix of guests. Our goal is to help you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And in doing so, you can grow in your personal and professional development. Each week we deliver tangible powerful advice, insights, and takeaways you can immediately apply at work and in your life. Every episode will transform you to believe the impossible is possible. We are passionate about supporting you to become the very best version of yourself. If you're dreaming big, let’s make those dreams come true. Subscribe to change your current reality, and have more clarity and confidence for what’s next. Step into your greatness!! Discover more resources for exceptional women who want more out of their lives and careers at https://petite2queen.comTo support our podcast, use this donate link:

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