E12 A Classical Marketing Masterclass w/ Aubrey Bergauer


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Aubrey and I geek out about marketing in the classical realm.

  • Why classical’s core product will always be live music
  • Why we shouldn’t be streaming whole concerts for free
  • Plus Aubrey gives her advice on how new groups should approach finding and keeping new listeners, and how to get around the fear of the unknown with newly written music.

If you’re a musician or arts administrator of any kind, this is an essential listen. If you fall outside of that, enjoy looking behind the curtain at what an orchestra exec spends her time thinking about.

Some Aubrey bio fun facts: she grew Seattle Opera’s BRAVO! Club to the largest group for young patrons in the US, led the Bumbershoot Festival to achieve an unprecedented 43% increase in revenue, and propelled the California Symphony to double the size of its audience and nearly quadruple the donor base.


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Links and Show Notes
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It’s a CELLO-BRATION! - California Symphony (Available till Dec 11 2020. Emphasis mine.)

The referenced LSO video. Click ‘show chat replay’ to see Maxine Kwok in action.

Jill Robinson at TRG

Aubrey’s excellent blog. This post is California Symphony’s ‘Public Commitment to Diversity’, which I love.

Geffen Playhouse’s Zoom play: The Present

San Francisco Symphony: Throughline (free!)

Live with Carnegie Hall: Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg (also free!)

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