E13 How to Write Music for Dance w/ Lara Agar


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Lara Agar is a composer, violinist, and collaborator who recently caught my eye with a credit on Shades of Blue, a dance piece performed at Sadler’s Wells and broadcast on the BBC. We talk about how the piece came about, curating nights, and the different relationship musicians, dancers, and actors have with their art. Also in the episode:

  • The benefits of long-term creative partnerships
  • Lara’s accidental rock opera
  • Lara’s love of chaos
  • Music’s uniquely non-visual role in today’s world


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Links and Show Notes
Joe and Lara’s pretty faces
Rosalie Warner
Kantos – In The Field
EXAUDI vocal ensemble

Music played in this episode
Shades of Blue (intro bed and breakbeat example)
Anima Rose
JABBERWOCKY - performed by EXAUDI (excerpt and in full at the end)
Accidental Rock Opera

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