Ep27: Beverley Gower-Jones 'Clean Growth Funder'


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Beverley Gower-Jones is the leading figure in the cleantech start-up world. She is the Managing Partner at the Clean Growth Fund which invests in the UK's most promising early-stage, clean growth ventures. She’s also the CEO and founder of Carbon Limiting Technologies, helping companies to commercialize new, innovative technologies. Bio Beverley Gower-Jones is the Managing Partner at the Clean Growth Fund, which is backed by, amongst others, the UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The Fund, with a mandate of £40million (and aim to get to £100 million in 2021), invests in the UK's most promising early-stage, clean growth ventures.  Beverley has also co-founded Carbon Limiting Technologies in 2006 and run it ever since. The company’s aim is to support companies in new technologies and clean energy. Before that she worked for 20 years at Shell in various roles – from Production Geologist in Scotland, Brunei, and Egypt through well engineering all the way to being Vice President of Shell Technology Ventures. She describes her character traits as determination and perseverance: ‘believe in the magic of your dreams, if you can dream it, you can do it’. Before having children, Beverley was a scuba diving instructor examiner. She studied geology mining at the University of Cardiff, being the only female student in the whole Department of Mineral Exploitation. Links Official Bio https://www.carbonlimitingtechnologies.com/our-people/ Beverley’s LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/beverley-gower-jones-fei-a800032 Clean Growth Fund https://www.cleangrowthfund.com/ Carbon Limiting Technologies https://www.carbonlimitingtechnologies.com/ Clean Growth Fund backs flexible energy ‘auction house’ Piclo (December 2020) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/clean-growth-fund-backs-flexible-energy-auction-house-piclo-hhsgv3sdt The road to net-zero – the importance of investing in sustainability (September 2020) https://www.ukbaa.org.uk/the-road-to-net-zero-the-importance-of-investing-in-sustainability/ CGF Managing Partner Beverley Gower Jones (July 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKEnYFxeqD8 Zoom in on Net Zero - with Carbon Limiting Technologies' Beverley Gower-Jones (June 2020) https://www.businessgreen.com/interview/4017170/zoom-net-zero-carbon-limiting-technologies-beverley-gower-jones Interview with Beverley Gower-Jones (June 2020) https://www.cleangrowthfund.com/interview-with-beverley-gower-jones/ About Cleaning Up Once a week Michael Liebreich has a conversation (and a drink) with a leader in clean energy, mobility, climate finance or sustainable development. Each episode covers the technical ground on some aspect of the low-carbon transition – but it also delves into the nature of leadership in the climate transition: whether to be optimistic or pessimistic; how to communicate in order to inspire change; personal credos; and so on. And it should be fun – most of the guests are Michael’s friends. Follow Cleaning Up on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MLCleaningUp Follow Cleaning Up on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cleaning-up-with-michael-liebreich/?viewAsMember=true Follow Cleaning Up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MLCleaningUp Links to other Podcast Platforms: https://www.cleaningup.live

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