Wire Taps 239—Targeting Southeast, Duke versus M7. Full-time versus Part-time, for MBB. Urban planner, strong ECs.


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This episode of WireTaps kicks off with Graham reflecting on his experience at the GMAC conference (and the party that Clear Admit hosted for fellow Graduate Management colleagues). He then highlighted a Real Humans alumni piece, featuring an MBA graduate from INSEAD who is now working at Bain. This led to a discussion on the need for 'focus' during your MBA vs. the advantages of freedom (exploring random activities with fellow classmates), and how the 80-20 rule may apply. Graham also noted the upcoming MBA essay workshops, scheduled for July, signups are here: https://bit.ly/cambaessays The opening segment wrapped up with Graham quizzing Alex with some 'lightning round' real humans questions. As always, this show features breakdowns of three real candidates. This week's applicants are drawn from recent ApplyWire entries: First up, Alex picks a candidate with decent numbers (3.75, 324) and very interesting work experience (corporate VC to non-profit) who is targeting the southeast region for their career. They’ve determined that Duke/Fuqua is their ideal option; Alex also suggests they explore 1-2 M7 programs to apply, and if successful, they can then make their optimal choice. Graham raised the issue of exploring other schools known for their placement in the southeast. This week's second candidate has stellar numbers (750, 3.97), is a chemical engineer (“wicked smart”), and has interesting work experience. They are weighing their options whether to pursue a full-time program (our recommendation) or a part-time program (less risky option), while targeting MBB consulting. Finally, Alex chose a candidate with decent numbers (325,3.5) who may retake the GRE. They also have very interesting work experience and strong extra-curricular activities. Like our second candidate, they are potentially over-represented in the applicant pool, so applying in the first rounds should help. This episode was recorded in Cornwall, England and Paris, France. It was produced in always sunny Philadelphia by Dennis Crowley. Please remember to rate and review this podcast wherever you listen and to 'stay safe everybody'!

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