Episode 149 - Andy Arrabito and Dan Cerrillo


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Andy Arrabito and Dan Cerrillo are both former Navy SEALs who have transitioned to the civilian and business world.

Andy is the founder and CEO of Half Face Blades.

HFB knives bring the soul of rugged, dependable, combat knives and tools to a variety of settings - from special operations tools for warriors, hunters, and backpackers, to knives for the kitchen and great American workers.

Dan is the founder and owner of Spartan 7 Security, and Spartan 7 Adventures.

Spartan 7 Adventures seek to provide clients and organizations the leadership, communication, offensive mindset, and advanced situational awareness skills developed by Navy SEALs. To provide a hands-on approach to teaching our clients advanced skills in shooting, driving, hand to hand combatives, travel safety, home defense, and personal defense through realistic mission-based scenarios.

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