Human Connection Through Nature: Discussing Seven Worlds, One Planet


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In this special bonus episode of Clear+Vivid, BBC America’s Executive Director Courtney Thomasma and Executive Producer of Seven Worlds, One Planet’s Jonny Keeling speak with Alan Alda about the surge in popularity of nature programming and how audiences around the world have connected to the projects that the BBC Studios Natural History Unit has produced in partnership with BBC America. Courtney discusses a recent study demonstrating that watching nature programming delivers many of the same benefits as direct experience with nature, and that these benefits are particularly needed at a time when people are more connected to technology than the natural world. Jonny discusses the production across the seven continents and how they shape the extraordinary animal behavior and biodiversity we see today. The series reveals how these unique worlds gave rise to the extraordinary diversity of life on earth and how that precious diversity is being lost. Clear+Vivid returns after the holiday break with new episodes starting Tuesday, January 7th!

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