How to Scale a Facebook Community and Find the Right Manager - Yhennifer Mendes - CFR #491


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We are pleased to have ClickFunnels Lead Community Manager, Yhennifer Mendes as our guest. She is full of energy and has a passion for building communities to create loyal and raving fans!

Yhennifer has been an online entrepreneur for the past 7 years, generated over 6 figures in sales online through Social Selling Strategies making her a Social Media Expert. She has been recognized by FaceBook as one of the top group admins in the world out (of 70 Million admins on the platform!) and has consulted/trained teams for some of the biggest names in the personal development and marketing industry like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Jay Shetty to share a few.

Her most recent accomplishment has been speaking on the Facebook Communities Summit introducing the FaceBook Community Management Blueprint Certification in which she had the honor to help Facebook shape the course materials and the exam.

Yhennifer and Dave discuss the importance of having a community and all the tips and tricks to running a successfully, customer centered culture.

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