Newest List Building Dream 100 Strategy - Dave Woodward - CFR #493


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In this episode Dave discusses the importance of relationships and building your Dream 100 list. Dave was on McCall Jones Dream 100 list and he was very impressed with her strategy and he reviews the steps she used. Here they are listed out from McCall Jones:

  1. Identify your Dream 100
  2. Build your framework
  3. If they have an audience, ask them who that is
  4. Tell your audience specifically what the rules are
  5. Identify the things your dream 100 does that is in line with your framework
  6. Set a timer so people know how long this will last
  7. Do two days of showing & teaching what to look for and then two days of encouraging them to implement what was taught
  8. Be engaged (ie: replying to their comments etc.)
  9. Add CTA on the last day
  10. Ask your audience who they would refer for this next

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