CFL 002: Portland Climate Action Plan with Michele Crim


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Michele Crim is a traveler, she is also the Chief Sustainability Officer for City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (Oregon).
Michele was pivotal to the City of Portland’s Climate Action Plan, which was awarded as the best in the world in 2016. Listen in as she discusses the Climate Action Plan, why it was recognized internationally, the importance of youth, and the work ahead.
We deconstruct sustainability. She tells us about how the work has changed, and outlines the importance of youth from historically under-served backgrounds. She also elevates the importance of understanding history before engaging in action. We change the climate narrative.

Michele comes into this work as Geologist and Environmental Scientists. Listen in as she leans into the conversation of the history, and the transformational journey cities must embark on.

Michele is a traveler, and she is most likely to sign up for the activity that requires a liability waiver form when she is in an adventure. On her website she tells stories about her travels and her own transformational journey.

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