CFL 004: Education with Khalid Kadir


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Khalid Kadir is an educator, he is a Professor at UC Berkeley and Provost at Presidio Graduate School. Khalid explores the history of the best public university in the world, education outside of the western perspective, and the language in education.

Together we explored the extent the mainstream environmental movement is intertwined with academic papers. How education is the main difference between people at UC Berkeley and people in East Oakland. As well as the depersonalization that can take place with a student during their time in college.

Listen in as we dive into education, academia, and how access to these often leads to individuals obtaining ‘expert’ status. This is important as we think about who are the experts of climate change, and how they build the narrative on what is taking place at the edge of climate change.


· Dr. King Speech on Land Grants to start Universities

· Colonizing Egypt – Timothy Mitchel

· Rule of Experts – Timothy Mitchell

· The Will to Improve – Tania Murray
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