CFL 005: San Joaquin Valley with Guillermo Ortiz


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Guillermo Ortiz is the Sustainability and Diversity Program Manager at UC Merced, which is located in the “Food Basket of the World”. Listen in as we explore the experiences of people who are living at the climate front line in the San Joaquin Valley.

“I think of it as an all hands on deck approach”, Guillermo makes a point that regardless of what career youth decide to pick, you have a role to play. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, everyone has a role to play on addressing climate change.
Guillermo likes to spend time connecting with friends and family, especially during Covid-19. Usually, this involves talking about t.v. shows, movies, video games, or music that they enjoy. Additionally, he likes to get lost in nature by going on hikes or camping trips with friends. Ultimately, "I want to bring people together to develop sustainable solutions to the complex environmental, social, and economic issues facing the world today."
You can read more about our conversation here.

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