CFL 006: Flesh Mapping with Sylvia Richardson


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Sylvia Richardson Ph.D. is the host of Latin Waves Media. She is a Visual Artist, and author of Flesh Mapping Cartography of Struggle Renewal and Hope in Education. Be sure to check out her work!
Latin Waves Media is a sister program, and I was excited at the opportunity to exchange stories with a someone who has been changing the climate narrative for the past decade! She sent a special message for you:
“I hope your audience may remember one thing, We are powerful!. We are not what happens to us, we are what we make with what happened to us, the stories like scientific methods are a way of knowing, or exploration and inquiry.”
In her book, Flesh Mapping, Sylvia shares her story through poetry and art. Be sure to order a copy here!

You can listen to our conversation at Latin Waves Media here.

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