CFL 008: House on Fire with Gabi Rodriguez & JP Mejia


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House on Fire is a youth-led podcast with co-host Gabi Rodriguez and JP Mejia. The sister program is much like the Climate Front Line, so I was excited to get an opportunity to chat with climate organizers across the whole United States.

In this episode you get to learn about the history of the podcast, as well as the stories of Gabi and JP. Find out how they were brought into the movement, how they understand their role in the future, how they navigate language in their world.

The Climate Front Line podcast exists to change the climate narrative on how we talk about climate change, and whose voice is at the center of the narrative, and House on Fire is part of this narrative change.
Hey, Alfredo here. My conversation with Gabi and JP was over an hour long, and we discussed many things that I think you may want to hear, especially if you are about to graduate high school or college. You can listen to the full conversation of all of the shows on my Patreon page.

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