CFL 014: Hurricane Eta with Evelyn Amara


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The Climate Front Line is a show that engages social movement & industry leaders as well as artists. Each conversation changes the narrative by centering the interest and needs of communities at the front line of climate change.
Evelyn Amara
Evelyn is second generation Honduras immigrant, she identifies as 'Hondureña' born on the East Coast New York area. She is passionate about urban planning as well as the environment. Through the years she can continued to build relationships with her family in Honduras.
In this episode we discuss the current events taking place with the front line communities in Honduras, as well as the ties that the U.S. has throughout Central America and South America.
From War on Drugs, to being able to cope with violence that has left many of these communities with trauma, this episode drives connection between social and environmental injustices.
You can find out more about Evelyn's work:

Instagram: thelightlifestyle, earthenexchange
Twitter: evelynamarapdx, thelightlifestyle, earthenexchange
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