CFL 021: Latinas in Cleantech with Marcela Cabrera Luna


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The Climate Front Line is a show that engages social movement & industry leaders as well as artists. Each conversation changes the narrative by centering the interest and needs of communities at the front line of climate change.
This week is community week, we are going to change the narrative around "Thanksgiving". This is the sixth episode in a week long series!
Marcela Cabrera Luna
"I'm an explorer, I like to travel, I like to learn about almost anything, try new places, new food and new experiences. I like to learn and understand from other people's point of view and perspectives. I enjoy nature. I'm goal-oriented. I also find peace and pleasure in simple things such as sipping on my morning cup of coffee. "
Marcela, una Colombiana, who spoke to me while in Mexico is building a movement. We spoke about the need to have people support you, and mentor you as you dive into a new field, or just simply start a career. Marcela has a first hand understanding of the importance of having people that can relate to you be available for young professionals to start their journeys, often referred to as mentors or elders.
We varely scrapped the different initiatives that Marcela has worked on, so I am excited to have her come back to the show in the future! Gracias Marcela!
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