CFL 022: Youth Just Transition with Bill Beamer


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On the season finale we speak with Bill Beamer, who works on climate action in Portland, OR. Bill and I speak about who the environmental field is for? Why should youth consider engaging in this work?
Bill is someone I look up to, and has helped me shape my understanding of the United States. His work with both community and the environmental industry is at the edge of climate engagement. If you are a city employee looking to take your environmental programs to a new level, by centering those communities who are closest to the issues, you got to listen in!
Thank you all so much what has been an amazing first season with the Climate Front Line Podcast. I honestly cannot believe that I am now 22 episodes in!
A special shout out to my first Patreons Emily Kosmala and Ted Tripp!
I am not 100% sure when I will be picking this back up, but I can share that I am excited about the different learning, feedback, and ideas that you all have passed on!
If you got an idea on a topic that interest you, because inside your gut you know there is lack of connection. Or perhaps you just want to make space for a conversation with folks who may be doing work that needs more attention. It may not even have a direct carbon emission impact metric. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!
This is a community we are building together where we change the narrative about how we talk about climate change. While yes, climate change is real, carbon (or other green house gases) is not necessarily the only way in which we make sense of the problems taking place. And I think the past 20 or so conversations have shown me (and maybe you) exactly that! And it is taking place all across **what we refer to as** United States
Thank you everyone, enjoy the holiday season! Talk to you soon!
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