091: How to Start Your Cloud Journey with Chirag Nayyar


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In this episode I catch up with Chirag Nayyar who is working towards helping businesses make that shift into the cloud. Chirag comes from a background in computer science and shares the experience of his journey into the cloud coming straight out of university.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Chirag’s background and journey into the Cloud field
  • Starting on the Azure platform gave Chirag a good foundation in the Cloud space
  • Getting good at one platform allows one to make sense of other platforms
  • The Google, AWS, and other Cloud communities have played a major part in (guest name) career
  • People struggle with the intimidation that comes with having conversations and speaking
  • Practice is always required no matter how much confidence you may have
  • Thoughts on the Alibaba Cloud platform and it’s presence in Asia
  • Great certification tips from the plethora of certificates that Chirag has under his belt (24)
  • Understanding the implementation of certified knowledge is one of the biggest setbacks
  • Challenges presented when coming from a background in computer science
  • Leverage your existing experience rather than starting from scratch in a career switch

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