115: Running SAP on AWS with Eamonn O’Neill


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Michael is chatting today with Eamonn O’Neill, the founder and EVP at Lemongrass Consulting. This company focuses on helping customers get their SAP on AWS, which makes for a really interesting conversation topic.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Eamonn’s career journey and how he has moved from a more technical role to a more business-minded role.
  • How Eamonn was at the forefront of SAP adoption back in the 90s and has stuck with that technology over the decades.
  • How SAP is a German-based software company that has made its name based around the ERP concept and which has recently broadened into SaaS operating.
  • The importance of automation services and how Lemongrass focuses on both efficiency and quality for their customers.
  • The role that Azure plays in the world.
  • How and why Eamonn got into tech and why he believes it’s important to know the technical side of what you’re doing, even if you’re a project manager or entrepreneur in the field.
  • How to proceed and what to look for if you’re interested in getting into SAP. However, the market is pretty saturated unless you’re also a programmer and/or infrastructure aware.
  • New use cases for SaaS.

Links to resources:

Eamonn O’Neill: Twitter |LinkedIn

Lemongrass Consulting

Michael Levan: Twitter

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