49 We Play Superfight! LIVE!


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This week we play a goofy game of Superfight!! 💥💥We'll be doing a live stream episode of the podcast at the end of every month!!

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⭐QotW! Who's your super fighter? (1 character with 2 attributes!)

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jo + ro

⌛✨In this episode:

4:06 How to play Superfight

4:30 The Prize

5:55 Drawing first cards

9:23 Round 1! - jk sound effects

9:41 ok Round 1!

20:45 Round 1 end & vote

24:15 Drawing next cards

27:15 Round 2!

39:04 QOTW: ⭐Who's your super fighter? (1 character with 2 attributes!)

41:45 Round 2 vote & results!

45:25 Random Recc!

👉Ro's random recc: Critical Role https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpXBGqwsBkpvcYjsJBQ7LEQ

👉Jo's random recc: Rina Sawayama

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This podcast is hosted and edited by Joëlle Thomas & Rochelle Oh on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

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