E15 - Redundancy


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0:35 How does NFPA compliant gear as well as modern gear in general change what we do, how we rig and the way we operate?

1:18 Redundancy - What needs to be backed up and what doesn't? Starting with harness.

3:40 Redundancy of anchors and specifically anchor points.

11:00 Redundancy in anchor plates.

13:30 Redundant carabiners in twin tension systems.

18:35 Redundancy in edge protection.

23:48 Change of direction in twin tension systems.

28:10 Wrapping webbing around the top rail of the litter to back it up.

30:08 Litters in helicopter rescue.

Important Warning

  • Many of the activities discussed in this podcast pose a very substantial risk of serious injury or death.
  • Products and techniques discussed in this podcast are intended for use by specially trained professionals.
  • Technical rescue, rappelling, climbing and the training involved are very hazardous activities. Each situation has its own unique conditions and must be evaluated by those present. Effective risk management comes from experience, proper training and good personal judgment.
  • CMC is not liable for any damages arising from abuse or improper use of the techniques or equipment discussed in this podcast.
  • Topics discussed are the ideas and opinions of each individual.
  • Department protocol and regulations should always take precedence.

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