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The force behind Kettlebell Gains Apparel, Alex Williams, joins me for episode 95 of the Coach Fury Podcast. Alex and I take a deep look into the creative drive that birthed Kettlebell Gains Apparel, the risks associated developing a passion project, turning the idea into an actual business and the commitment needed to make it grow. We also dive into our love kettlebells, Sunday Swings and more. As a friend and peer, I have a ton of respect for this guy and what he’s doing. You can learn more about Alex and Kettlebell Gains Apparel at the following links. Website: www.kettlebellgains.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/kettlebellgains_apparel and www.instagram.com/kettlebellgains Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kettlebellgains_apparel Want to train or course with Fury? Head over to www.speakeasyofstrength.com or www.instagram.com/speakeasyofstrengthbk to get the heads up on all things Fury! Want to see this show grow and get better? You can make a small financial donation by becoming a Patron at www.patreon.com/coachfurypodcast. I am grateful for your support! Please subscribe, rate and review. Live long. Be strong. Die mighty! -Fury

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