Coaxial #3 - Classic Children's TV Remembered


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Welcome back to another Coaxial, with Christian Cawley and Gareth Kavanagh.

In this week's show, we're chatting classic British children's TV, and may or may not have covered most of the following...

Pre-school: Rainbow, Ivor the Engine, the Mr Men, Get Up and Go (Mooncat), Pipkins, Play School, Play Away, Dramas: Box of Delights, the RTD one (Dark Season), Jossy's Giants, Chocky, Press Gang, Demon Headmaster, Children's Ward, Grange Hill, Secret Garden, Dramarama, Marmalade Atkins Cartoons: Scooby Doo, Ulysses 31, Battle of the Planets, Jamie and the Magic Torch. Films: Watership Down, The Boy from Space, Glitterball (Children's Film Foundation - see also Sammy's Super T-Shirt, The Boy Who Turned Yellow) Information/education: How We Used to Live, Picture Box, You and Me, Stop, Look and Listen (Chris Tarrant), Watch, anything with Johnny Ball, Derek Griffiths, Tony Hart (Take Hart, Hart Beat) and the legendary Mr Bennett. Modern shows: Grandpa in My Pocket, Nina and the Neurons, Do You Know?, Katie Morag. Any memories of your favourite TV shows? Incredulous that we somehow overlooked Rentaghost (so are we)? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us,

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