New Punctuation


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How often do you use the interrobang, asterism or SarcMark? Do you ever find yourself scrolling to find the perfect emoji? Or perhaps you might feel frustrated by the overuse of punctuation?!? In this week’s podcast, we discuss new punctuation. In a world awash with corporate-speak and scare quotes, what should we add or remove from conventional punctuation and how could it be optimised? We consider punctuation we would like to borrow from other languages, Nick coins a new term for an emoji and we discuss the history of proposed punctuation that didn’t quite stick. Finally, we reveal our favourite pieces of punctuation... A few things we mentioned in this podcast: - User Guidelines and Netiquette by Arlene H. Rinaldi - Uncommon punctuation marks and how to use them - Emojipedia - Punctuation that failed to make its mark - The 14 common types of punctuation in English For more information on Aleph Insights visit our website or to get in touch about our podcast email

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