Building The Fastest, Lowest Latency Blockchain with Anatoly Yakovenko, Founder and CEO at Solana – Ep. 20


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Anatoly Yakovenko, founder and CEO at Solana. Bobby interviewed Anatoly on Solana, its scalability, proof-of-history as well as Solana’s plans for Q4 of 2020 and beyond.

[00:00:02] Intro
Background on Solana
Scalability Trilemma problem
Solana blockchain size?
Other applications on Solana blockchain
Is Solana an Ethereum competitor?
Solana’s proof-of-stake with delegation validation model
Decentralized clock feature, called proof-of history
Solana’s plan for Q4 2020 and beyond
Where to follow Solana?

Quotes from the episode:

“If you go to our explorer, you can see that the network has done about 32 million blocks at this point and over 3 billion transactions. And the reason why we have 3 billion transactions already is because our smart contracts is so cheap and fast that we use it as the message bus for consensus.” [00:01:59]

“We don't have a limit on how big a block can be. There's a block every 400 milliseconds, and it isn't so much that there's a separate block. It's almost like a continuous chain.” [00:06:48]

“The hard part is obviously that [because] it is blockchain, everything has to be harder, right?” [00:25:52]

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