Ciara Sun of Huobi talks about the Huobi Ecosystem - Ep. 14


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Ciara Sun, Head of Global Business and Markets, Vice President at Huobi. Bobby interviewed Ciara on Huobi exchange, its role in developing the blockchain industry, thoughts on wash trading, as well as Huobi’s strategy and plans for growth.

[00:00:02] Intro
[00:03:26] Background on Huobi
[00:05:40] Thoughts on exchanges doing wash trading
[00:11:22] Plans and use cases for Huobi Chain
[00:13:50] Use cases for Huobi Token
[00:15:50] Thoughts on Huobi Pool
[00:18:54] Plans with Huobi’s derivative market, Huobi Futures
[00:21:27] Thoughts on IEO market
[00:23:24] Where to follow Huobi
Quotes from Episode:

“We don't fake our trading volume. When you operate an exchange, it's actually easy to tell whether the other exchanges are faking their volume or not.” [00:06:16]

“We're very proud to say that at Huobi, we've been running for seven years and there has never been a major security breach. Customers' assets have been safe with us.” [00:09:43]

“Huobi Chain is the first blockchain to support regulator nodes and let regulators contribute to the network as validators. This chain will also support decentralized identifiers, such as KYC verification to meet our requirements.” [00:13:04]

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