Get Familiar with Fractionalized NFTs and More with Joël Hubert, Co-founder of NIFTEX - Ep. 33


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Joël Hubert - Co-founder, NIFTEX. Bobby interviewed Joël on the background of NIFTEX, their updates for NIFTEX V2, their NFT bundle, as well as Joël’s advice for beginner NFT collectors.

[00:01:42] Intro
What is NIFTEX?
What happens to the fractionalized NFT when there’s a bid on it?
Updates on NIFTEX V2
Interesting stats on NIFTEX
NIFTEX’s R64X NFT bundle
Thoughts on NFT on Layer 1 chains
Advice for beginner NFT collectors
Quotes from the episode:

“Coin Artist from Neon District, she fractionalized herself and you know, and she used this coin as like a community membership, proof of community membership.” [00:20:27]

“If Almace would have remained in one piece, we always say it might've traded a few times in the year and it might have done a few hundred ETH in volume. But then when we fractionalize Almace it did like a thousand ETH of volume in the first two, one or two weeks” [00:25:22]

“I think for beginners, they're going to be super confused with these fractions of NFT stuff. And so they just need to have a very solid foundation in NFTs themselves, so I would advise them to start with arts.” [00:44:47]

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