Getting Enterprises to use Blockchain with Ivan Golovko of LTO Network - Ep. 15


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Ivan Golovko, Chief Marketing Officer at LTO Network. Bobby interviewed Ivan on LTO Network, the LTO Network Token, the fee burn mechanism proposal as well as the staking program for LTO Network. Bobby and Ivan also shared their thoughts on DeFi and Yield-farming.

[00:00:02] Intro
[00:01:15] Background on LTO Network
[00:05:30] How permissioned blockchain is built into LTO Network?
[00:08:09] Why use LTO Network?
[00:17:50] The tokenomics behind LTO Network
[00:20:41] How does the staking program in LTO Network work?
[00:25:36] How to be a staker?
[00:26:39] Fee burn mechanism
[00:30:37] Thoughts on difference in PE ratio between tokens
[00:36:12] Yield farming
[00:41:31] Where to follow LTO Network?

Quotes from Episode:

“So if you do it on Bitcoin, you're pretty limited to just anchoring. While the Delta network, we build the architecture in such a way that there are different modules that you can plug in and plug out at the same time but in an open environment.” [00:10:20]

“And how to lease it to delegator? Literally one button. So you just have it in your mainnet wallet, you press 'lease', and you press the address of the delegator, that's it.” [00:26:09]

“Let's start with the fact that crypto is still only an investor base and there are very few users who use. So everything people touch and do, is their belief in the future of one or the other product. Therefore, the revenue has always been not a topic in crypto because they were just not.” [00:31:14]

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