Nicolas Van Hoorde Talks About Delta And His eToro Acquisition - Ep. 8


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta. Bobby interviewed Nicolas on the story behind Delta, its features, as well as his plans for Delta in 2020 and beyond.

[00:00:02] Intro
[00:00:39] Nicolas Van Hoorde’s personal story
[00:02:02] Background on Delta
[00:05:28] Monetization of Delta app
[00:06:39] Acquisition by eToro
[00:09:20] Stats on Delta
[00:13:47] Plans for Delta in 2020
[00:16:03] Reaction of the Delta community regarding the eToro acquisition
[00:36:06] Where to follow Delta?

Quotes from the Episode

“I think a lot of services and products in crypto at that time were, I would say run by people that weren't really very engineering focused.” [00:04:18]

“Some people or companies might say it's a bit stupid, but it's really a philosophy for us that we don't go diving into user data even if it's aggregated.” [00:10:43]

“And to this day I can say very honestly that we've been successfully keeping the promises that we've made and we, of course, do everything to keep those promises. And I have no, I see no reason why this would change in the future.” [00:17:06]

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