Scaling Blockchains on Layer 0 with Professor Kuzmanovic of bloXroute - Ep. 12


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In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Co-Founder & Chief Architect of bloXroute. Bobby interviewed Professor Kuzmanovic on what is bloXroute and Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN), the BLXR token, as well as bloXroute’s plans in 2020 and beyond.

[00:00:02] Intro
[00:01:23] What is bloXroute and why is it important?
[00:02:53] Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) vs Content Distribution Network (CDN)
[00:09:28] Transactions Per Second (TPS) that can be achieved by bloXroute
[00:13:04] How to connect with bloXroute and send transactions?
[00:18:14] Centralization risk
[00:21:41] Thoughts on Layer 1 and Layer 2 scaling solution
[00:23:39] Does bloXroute support the Bitcoin blockchain?
[00:24:55] BLXR token model
[00:29:46] bloXroute’s plans in 2020 and beyond
[00:31:30] Where to follow bloXroute

Quotes from Episode:

“When the block is sent in the blockchain system, instead of sending the original ,we utilize these shorter identifier. And hence for every transaction that is 500 bytes long, we send just four bytes.” [00:06:43]

“On Ethereum, we did some tests internally on the testnet and we are capable of pushing, I think, close to 1000 or so transactions per second” [00:10:06]

“Think of bloXroute as just like improving the existing peer-to-peer network without getting rid of the peer-to-peer network itself.” [00:19:02]


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