Episode 5 - MASK OFF


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We weigh in on the nature and likelihood of another pandemic in this week's episode. The inseparable history of capitalism and pandemic gets us talking about the sources of modern contagion. With deforestation, urbanization, and international trade as key contributors to the emergence of zoonotic viruses, can we save ourselves from the threats posed by capital's ever expanding resource frontiers? We decide whether or not pandemic will be a feature of any post-capitalist economic system and discuss the long COVID of the global south.
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We made some claims this week! Start investigating for yourself here:
For more on the historical relationship between capitalism and pandemic, be sure to check out Freg J. Stokes article here: Jacobin, March '21
For the 2016 UN report on emerging issues of environmental concern:
UNEP Frontiers, '16
To get started on deforestation's relationship to pandemic:
Guardian, August '20
COVID vaccine in Africa:
AP, June '21 & CNBC, May '21

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