#185 - 10 Practical Questions On Sales Outreach in 2021


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Today we have a sales outreach rapid fire. Here are the questions:

  • Should I reach out during the holiday season?
  • How would you cold email for competitor research?
  • How can I follow up with people who replied “not interested” six months later?
  • What is the future of B2B prospect data?
  • What should I do with the prospect who opened my email, clicked on it but did not reply, if I hate cold calling?
  • I’ve got 10000 prospects. What’s the fastest way to prioritize them?
  • Who should send outbound emails and LinkedIn messages in my team?
  • What is the best strategy to keep deliverability high?
  • How are you making sure no leads fall through the cracks after they replied to a drip campaign?
  • How can I use outbound email to drive landing page sign ups?

If you have more questions about cold email, send us an email or check out our in depth course called Cold Email Outreach MasterClass where you can upgrade your skills and learn what we know about outreach.

Happy cold emailing in 2021!

Jeremy and Jack

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