#192 - From Features to Benefits


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We’ve received a lot of cold emails for link building, and in this teardown we want to reformulate some of the value propositions of those emails, turning them from features into benefits.

Emails we teared down:

1 > I have some recently created content and was wondering if I can send it over and maybe share it with your audience.

2 > I was thinking it would make an excellent addition to https://quickmail.io/lead-generation-strategies/ where you mention blog.youtube. I’m sure your audience will appreciate the extra resource on such an interesting topic, there’s so much out there.

3 > I’m reaching out to check if you’re willing to accept a paid link insertion in one of your old articles.

4 > I just wanted to ask you if you’d be interested to mention our blogs in your blog post?

5 > Our team at Acodez has recently come up with an article topic ‘Turn Your Prospects Into Loyal Customers Through Email Marketing.’

6 > Our article shares how perfecting email marketing campaigns help grow and maintain a client basis. And how it’s the perfect digital marketing strategy for small as well as large local marketers.

So if you are in the link building space, an easy way to improve your gain is to look at the benefits from the recipient’s angle.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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