#184 - How to Double Appsumo in 2021?


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In this growth chat we are talking about well established entrepreneurial businesses proposing great lifetime deals for their cool products to a huge audience.

If you’re dealing with a well established company, you need to be careful about how you do outreach, because you can tarnish a brand that’s been doing nicely for a while.

We’ll use the growth of Appsumo as an example this time. Enjoy!


  • How to get most of the buyers list
  • Why you can’t use the strategy of going for the end user in this case
  • How to grow the seller side of the company
  • The relationships you can build by doing outreach

Although it’s an eight figures company, all of the strategies that we’ve mentioned here are low volume outreach campaigns. If you apply what we talk about here and join our Cold Outreach Masterclass where we teach everything we know and things we are learning, you’ll be ready for these kinds of sensitive campaigns as well!

Happy cold emailing!

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