Highway of Lost Souls: The Unsolved Murders of the Freeway Phantom


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Carole Spinks, Darlenia Johnson, Brenda Crockett, Nenomoshia Yates, Brenda Woodward, and Diane Williams, all aspirational teenagers with bright futures, were innocent and inculpable young Black girls of 1970’s Washington DC, in the United States of America. Their boundless compassion and limitless potentials were cut short by unexplainable, unsolved murders in the 18 months between April 1971 and September 1972, leaving all who knew them across the nation’s capital and District of Columbia area as a whole grasping for answers in a sea of evidence that drowned us all in doubt…

As a hope to provide more substantial reasoning built upon observable evidence and situational analysis, this is an examination of the Freeway Phantom murders and the confounding mystery along the numerous highways of Washington DC...

This is Cold Case Detective...

Freeway Phantom Case File Photographs:
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Researched and written by TJ Ruesch
Episode narrated by William Earl
Music by CO.AG


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