Mary Elizabeth Winstead Interview: From Sky High Villain to Netflix Assassin


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Collider Ladies Night recently celebrated its very first returning guest, Karen Gillan for Gunpowder Milkshake. Now the show welcomes back its second returnee, Mary Elizabeth Winstead! Winstead swung by the Collider studio for an episode of Ladies Night back in 2019 for the release of Gemini Man and now she’s on the show again in honor of her new Netflix movie, Kate.

Winstead headlines the film as the title character, a skilled assassin who winds up being targeted herself. When Kate realizes she’s been poisoned, she sets out to track down who did it. Kate is essentially non-stop action with Winstead at the heart of almost every single scene. As though that isn't challenging enough, Winstead and the team behind Kate hit a little bump in that road that called for Winstead to step it up with her stuntwork -- more than ever before.

On this episode of Collider Ladies Night, Winstead details the challenges faced while making Kate and explains why she wound up doing more of her own stuntwork than you might expect. On top of that, Winstead looks back on fan favorite films like Sky High, Final Destination 3, Birds of Prey and more!

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