Living in a paradise, life on the Fiji islands: Sanya Ruggiero


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Can you imagine living on a tropical island in the south Pacific Ocean? A paradise on Earth where life moves at a slower rate. That's where my guest for this episode lives and works. Sanya Ruggiero is a consultant communications advisor who works with the UN and other organisations. She is now working on a UN project to provide Covid relief to small business and freelancers in Fiji and neighbouring islands. She is also working on a project to clear radioactive waste left on the Marshall Islands following nuclear weapons testing by the US government. Recently she was has written articles for AlJazeera and worked on projects with ABC, the Australian national broadcaster.
Sanya also has a strong Catholic faith, which she says has helped her in life, despite it been sometimes seen as unpopular by some of her colleagues.
In this interview I chat to Sanya about her fascinating family story, the history of the Figi islands, and the work she is doing today.
Thanks for listening, and follow Sanya on Twitter: @Sanya_Ruggiero

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