Episode 6 - Security, Privacy & A Whole lot of *** with special guest, @techwithtaz


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Episode 6 - Security, Privacy, and a lot of ** with Tazin Khan Norelius.
In episode 6, we're chatting with our first guest to the show, cybersecurity specialist, empath, and critical thinker Taz (@techwithtaz). With over 10 years in the security space, Taz works to bring mindfulness into Cyber Security while making noise around the lack of consumer data ownership and privacy. We talk about:

  • The importance of consumer awareness and education relative to security, data privacy & tech ethics.
  • Why tech companies don't really want everyone's opinion & why capitalism wins.
  • Empowering consumers through education in an accessible, approachable way and at scale through her research organization Cyber Collective and her weekly video series security, privacy, and a lot of other bullsh*t.
  • Amplifying underrepresented voices.
  • Why you should always ask questions vs unconsciously clicking and sharing.
  • And why she recommends a consistent digital/social media detox's every weekend.

(This episode contains some expletive language)


  1. Learn more about Taz @ techwithtaz.com // Follow her on Twitter @techwithtaz
  2. Learn more about her org Cyber Collective @ https://www.cybercollective.org/ & on Instagram @cybercollectiveorg
  3. Find out about upcoming CyCo events at https://www.cybercollective.org/events

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