Revelation - Avoiding The Beast (Chapters 13 - 14) (Just Sermon)


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Certain hope for uncertain times.


Where is it written?
Review Chapter 12. What happens earlier in the vision?
Read 13:1-9. What is happening? What was the beast allowed to do?
(Read 17:7-14 for interpretation of what the heads represent.)
Read 13:10. How are Christians called to respond to this threat?
Read 13:11-18. What does the 2nd beast do?

Read 14:1-5. Who's mark is on the heads of the 144,000?
(Read Deuteronomy 23:9-10 & 2 Samuel 11 for insight into how chastity was part of battle preparation.)
Read 14:6-11. Notice the final chances to repent.
Read 14:12-13. How are Christians called to respond to the situation? What does this passage imply is about to happen?
Read 14:14-20. Where does the harvest happen?
(See Isaiah 9,11,42,53 & 63 for insight into the "winepress." See Hebrews 13:11-14 for insight into the significance of being "outside the city.")

How Goes Your Walk?
How are Christians today tempted to "worship the beast?"
What does a life of "patient endurance and faithfulness" look like today?
How does Revelation shape your outlook on events today?

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