Revelation - Grace In Judgement (Sermon)


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Certain hope for uncertain times.

Discussion Questions:

Where is it written?
Read Revelation 8:1-5.
Why was there silence in heaven?
What does this passage teach us about the power of prayer?

Read Revelation 8:6-13.
What happens as the first four trumpets are sounded?

Read Revelation 9:1-21.
What happens after the fifth trumpet is blown?
What happens after the sixth trumpet is blown?
What does mankind do in response?

Read Revelation 10:1-11.
What happens when the small scroll is eaten?
What does this scroll represent?

Read Revelation 11:1-19.
How long will the holy city be trampled on? (Compare and contrast with Daniel 7:25.)
How long will the witnesses/ lampstands testify? What happens to them?
What happens after they are brought back to life?

How Goes Your Walk?
What means does God use today to help people see their need for Him?
How did God first get your attention?
Who does hearing this passage cause you to pray for?

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