Revelation - The Goodness of God's Wrath (Chapters 15-19) (Full Service)


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Certain hope for uncertain times.

Where is it written?

Read Chapter 15. How is this a passage about worship?

Read Chapter 16. What do verses 5-7 tell us about God's justice?

How do the remaining people respond to God's actions? (vs. 10-11)

Read Chapter 17. What does verse 17 tell us about God's ability to direct history?

Read Chapter 18. What happens to human economies and wealth?

Read Chapter 19. How quickly does The King of Kings (Jesus) defeat the beast when he arrives? What does this tell us about His power?

How Goes Your Walk?

How does knowing that God will bring justice free us from vengeance?

Are there people in your life that you are especially needing to forgive?

What is your next step of forgiveness?

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