Revelation - The Woman, the Dragon & the Baby (The Christmas Story in Revelation) [Full Service]


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Certain hope for uncertain times.

Where is it written?
Read Revelation 6:1-4
What happens when power and violence are unrestrained?
Read Revelation 6:5-6
What happens when greed is unrestrained?
Read Revelation 6:7-8
What happened when sickness is unrestrained?
Read Revelation 6:9-11
What happens when justice is withheld for a time?
Read Revelation 6:12-14
What happens when environmental disasters are unrestrained?
Read Revelation 6:15-17
How do people respond to God in times of disaster?

How goes your walk?
How do people take God for granted?
What are some ways you have experienced common grace?
What difference does knowing God make in your life?

Values Throughout Our Study of Revelation:
* Expect literal future fulfillment. But be careful about predictions!
* Look for past fulfillment.
* Look for timeless biblical symbols, truths, and principles.
* Be teachable.

Series Challenges:
* Read Revelation (Bonus - Read Daniel 7-12)
* Develop and Deepen a Christian Worldview
* Focus on the Finish Line (Memorize Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5)

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