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Today we hear the combat story of Patrick Moltrup, a former Marine, Soldier, CIA, and Special Operator who served as a Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (or SWCC). Patrick served 25 years in the military, much of it in the Special Operations community.

Patrick is one of the very few who has been a part of the Marines, the Army National Guard, Navy, and CIA. He spent most of his time with the Marines and SWCC where he worked on all kinds of boats from RHiBs to Mark Vs. As a side note, I was once picked up on these boats and, to this day, these rides remain some of the most fun I ever had, particularly the times at night (it actually reminded me of flying a Kiowa low level with the doors off)!

Patrick was also a Navy Corpsman (medic) and attached to various units, including Gold Squadron, one of the assault forces SEAL Team Six, which we hear about in this episode.

After leaving the military, Patrick collaborated with Jason Lilley, another former special ops warrior, to create Savage Actual, a YouTube channel and brand where Patrick and Jason discuss games, gear, and the military. They’re now working on a video game themselves, have been sponsored by a craft brewing company, and more.

I hope you enjoy Patrick’s combat story as much as I did.

Find Patrick online at:

Show Notes

  • 0:00 - Into
  • 2:57 - Growing up in upstate New York.
  • 7:08 - Why the military and the Marines Corps? (Ryan’s note: After many interviews now, it really seems that mothers do NOT like hearing their boys are going to become Marines).
  • 22:27 - Wanted to be an 0311.
  • 26:26 - Deployed to Somalia just before Blackhawk Down.
  • 28:45 - How to creatively truth tell your way into a cool job.
  • 32:32 - Why leave the Marine Corps?
  • 39:26 - Finding your way to the CIA.
  • 1:02:08 - SWCC mission statement.
  • 1:04:33 - Combat Story #1, imagine your first combat experience with SWCC was with the members of Operation Red Wings (, known by many from the experiences recorded by Marcus Latrell in Lone Survivor.
  • 1:14:57 - Combat Story #2 as an augmentee with Gold Squadron in Iraq (
  • 1:21:33 - Turning down an offer from likely Special Missions Unit and how hard that can be.
  • 1:25:25 - Combat Story #3: Having to help save an enemy combatant.
  • 1:33:13 - Savage Actual and what Patrick’s doing now.
  • 1:41:35 - What did you carry with you while deployed?
  • 1:43:23 - Would you do it again?

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