Wk 46 - Ether 12-15 By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled


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Welcome to the land of the Jaredites!
Moroni saw the Savior and talked with him face to face then teaches us of faith, hope, and charity. He continues the abridgement of the Jaredite plates and shares some of the many prophecies of the prophet Ether yet is forbidden to write them all.
Ether records the wars of the Jaredite people as he dwells in the cavity of a rock.
Coriantumr defends his throne many times over as he defeats Shared, Gilead, and Lib.
The brother of Lib, Shiz, sweeps the land destroying many cities and forcing the people to join him or the army of Coriantumr.
After several years of gathering and preparing for war, millions of Jaredites are slain in battle.
Coriantumr and Shiz alone are left and Coriantumr slays Shiz.
Nathan, Duane and Allison Jess discuss Ether 12-15 and share their insights into these chapters.
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