Wk 47 - Moroni 1-6 To Keep Them In The Right Way


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Welcome to the Book of Moroni!
It has been over four hundred years since the appearance of the Savior to the Nephites.
The Nephite people have all been destroyed and Moroni is alone to record a few words for us and to benefit the Lamanites.
The Lamanites put to death every Nephite who will not deny the Christ and Moroni boldly proclaims that he will not deny the Christ.
Jesus gave the Nephite disciples power to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost and teaches them how to ordain others to the priesthood.
Moroni records the sacrament prayers, discusses the baptismal covenant, and teaches about the power and guidance of the Holy Ghost.
Nathan Siebach and Mike Kopp discuss Moroni 1-6 and share their insights into these chapters.
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Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God!

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