CFC 107 - Halloween Costume Battles 2020


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ALL UNDER-CARD BATTLES: Joe Exotic vs Ellen DeGeneres, Rosanne vs Herman Cain, Corona Virus vs Ebola, Jesus vs Waluigi, Casey Anthony vs Nancy Grace, Fred Durst vs Ruth Bader Ginsburg

OFFICIALS: Justin Lanza, Niko Pavlovic

JUDGES: Chris From Brooklyn, Shayne Smith, Jill Weiner, Robbie Bernstein and Geno Bisconte

HOST: Matt Maran

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This episode was recorded on October 31st 2020. This show was recorded LIVE at The Bridge And Tunnel Brewery in Queens New York, The show is typically recorded at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City go watch live and every Sunday at 9PM. Get $5 tickets at The Stand when you use promo code CFC!

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Follow this week's battlers on Social Media: "Joe Exotic" Eli Disabato: @elidisab, "Ellen DeGeneres" Stewart Fullerton: @stewartandchill, "Herman Cain" Stan Talouis: @funnymanstan, "Roseanne" Dalton Pruit: @saltydalty69420, "Jesus Christ" Stephen Bolles: @stephenmclonghairbolles, "Waluigi" Robbie Goodwin: @RobbieGoodwin, "Corona Virus" Josh Tolentino: @Myles_Toe, Luke Gralia: @graliass, "Casey Anthony" Jess Feeney: @JustFeeney, "Fred Durst" Gene Meyer: @genemeyerlol,

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