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Question: what do you get when you cross tech genius with a love for comics and games? Marvel Universe Online!

Mike Davenport is the creator/creative director of The Marvel Universe Online, an open-world version of the Marvel Universe made by fans for fans that takes place on the ever-changing world of Earth 619.

Join me while I chat with Michael and let’s take a dive into the Marvel Universe Online!

In this episode:

[00:01 - 06:56] A Hero in Life and in the Game World

  • I welcome Michael to the show
  • A bit about Michael
    • Learn more about Michael’s background
    • The start of the fandom - God Loves, Man Kills
    • A hero in life and in game
    • Currently working in Germany
    • How the love for gaming started

[06:57 - 30:02] Building Marvel Universe Online

  • Michael’s inspiration to do something bigger
    • Impacted by MMO’s
    • Influenced by City of Heroes
    • Developing the idea for MUO
  • Starting the project of MUO
    • How it started out as a joke
    • Dumping the early concepts online
    • The story of the ‘Almost Marvel MMO’
  • Bringing the Marvel Universe to life
    • Tackling the technical problems first
    • Pitch before making
    • Getting it out to the comic community to get involved
  • Breaking through the industry
    • Navigating licensing
    • Taking it to the people first
    • The game people want
  • How to support and visit the website
    • Links below

[30:03 - 38:43] Raising Up Other Artists Through the Platform

  • The present goal of the project
    • Giving players more options than ever
    • Commissioned art - showcasing artists
  • Supporting other artists from the platform
    • What you can do as an artist
    • Printing out your own characters
  • Bringing back the subscription model
    • Rewarding loyalty
  • Making the Marvel world feel big and ‘lived in’
    • The ability to traverse areas
    • Different areas provide different experiences

[38:44 - 47:36] Closing Segment

  • How can fans support
    • Like, follow, share!!
    • Contribute if you can
    • Help in development
      • Contact page on the website
    • #whatisthemarveluniverseonline
  • Get involved now
  • How to connect with the Michael
    • Links below
  • Final words

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