Episode 1208 - Comic Beat Insider 59: Spider-Man (2002)!


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In our 59th episode of COMIC BEAT INSIDER (CBI), Jimmy and Heidi MacDonald (The Beat Chief) welcome Avery Kaplan (The Beat Features Editor) to join us in discussing the 2002 Sam Raimi directed film Spider-Man. We'll be covering all 3 of Raimi's Spider-Man films this month and then the ones that came after them. Does it hold up? Was the casting on point? Why was Una Damon not credited for her role? Would YOU walk away if the woman of your dreams finally confessed her love? Do we care that it's never explained where he got his pretty intricate Spider-Man outfit from? Join us each week to watch live on YouTube and/or await to listen to the podcast after. Send in topic ideas for future episodes. Be it in comics, TV or film. Also, get a hold of us!

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